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July was a big trial.  Much has happened.  Between this month’s camping trip, a broken arm, a rush to the emergency room, six follow-up doctor’s appointments, a 3 year old’s birthday party, a cake mishap, a finger that was SLICED open (and should have been another trip to the emergency room, but the Hubs refused) a black eye, aphid wars, three corsets, and two sock monkeys… well now that I typed it all out, I’m surprised I had time to shower.  Did I mention the bee stings???

I am thankful. Everyone is healthy even after all the wounds. Every outing was pulled off, even with all the small hurdles it took to get there. It was a good July, even though it flew by. The phrase, “Like lightening” comes to mind.

And now, my oldest is on her way to her first day of school.  It’s a countdown in my head. Less than a week to go. Some of my thoughts are so excited for her, and of course weepy for myself.  I’m going to miss her… my baby. My big girl. Ahhh, here comes the tears again.  I hope I was able to provide her all that she needed to start this next step successfully.  I hope she makes a ton of friends, but is an individual.  I hope she excels, but is humble. I hope she’s happy or at least the sad stuff doesn’t keep her down too long. And most of all I hope she realizes how wonderfully spectacularly special she is. Because she is.


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