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Older, and Taking It

So, this is the day that marks another full year in my life.  I’m one year older, and I know that I get older everyday, every second, but at this point I’m starting to feel it. I’ve never really thought about getting older before, as it was never an issue that crossed my mind.  But now, besides time telling me that I’m older, by body is giving me clues.  My back aches in the morning, which no amount of core exercises seems to take away.  I have 3 gray hairs,  I get heartburn.   My hands are starting to look like they’ve seen a lot of use.  They have.  My knees, ankles or something cracks when I stand up most of the time.  Yep, bring me the walker. And actually, the more I think about it, the more I wanna say, “Bring it on!”. I have earned my age, and I feel I have earned it pretty well.

Today, I got up, fed the kids breakfast, let the dog out, took the garbage out and down to the curb, did three loads of laundry, swept, vacuumed, dusted,  gave the dog a bath, washed the dog bed, vacuumed again after the dog re-shed all over everything, watered the garden bed, harvested broccoli, pulled rogue mint, turned the compost, fed the kids lunch, broke up 141 fights between the kids, cleaned out the pool (we have the world’s smallest built in), made the beds, went to the store, washed the dishes, put away the dishes, crushed aluminum cans, made dinner, got the kids ready for bed, and now I’m writing.  A normal day in the life of countless people.  I’m so happy it’s mine!

Dinner tonight was:  Roast chicken, roast garlic veggies, and home-made hot rolls

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