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I went to the eye doctor today, and I swear she put crack in my eyes.  I have never had my eyes dilate that badly before. My vision was a blurry mess for what seemed like for-ever. She then took me into the back room and further rendered me sightless by blinding me with the brightest light I have ever “seen”.  Doctor, I think you may be burning the back of my brain. What do you mean by telling me to keep my eyes wide open?  I’m not closing them on purpose.  My eyelids are acting on their own accord. It’s a survival reflex to them.  You’re lucky they haven’t flown off and tried to shake you silly yet.   Needless to say, I was getting nervous about driving home at this point. And of course that’s exactly when she wanted me to pick out a new pair of frames. At one point, I had something purple and big enough to touch my hairline handed to me to try on.  I could actually feel my head warming up. Could have been a pair of eyeglass frames.  Could have been a hat. Only she will know. Dear Ms. Doctor, you will take full responsibility for how dorky I look in my new glasses, and you will be fully blamed. You will hear about it if someone calls me “Buddy Holly”, because even though I  like his glasses, I don’t want to wear them. You will also be the brunt of future conversations about strange doctor experiences.  PS- I will be seeing my regular eye doctor from now on, even if it takes months to get an appointment.

Though weather being has been gray this week, (and having been on the receiving end of an intentional blinding) I’m still feeling optimistic. I’ve been working on the corset that I’m determined to finish in the next few days, and I’ve started on a new commission. The birds seem to hate the tinfoil spinners that I’ve put in the garden. BIG  BIG plus. That is except for one particular robin who seems to have no fear. Also my blueberry bushes are starting to bloom which means… blueberries this year!!!! How can I not be excited about that?

So I end this tiny chapter of my tiny blog on a good note.

Big Smiles,


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