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With the onset of spring comes quite a few bugs, and in my case, three different swarms of honeybees on three different days. They seem to love my yard, which has me stumped since the only things that are blooming in my yard are two small blueberry bushes and two flowers (pretty little things) on one of our snowpea plants. We had one swarm make itself content on a small, bare, crepe myrtle in the front yard. Actually, they were on almost the same branch another swarm had landed the year before. The other two swarms were happily hiving on the bradford pear tree (yes, the same one I was supposed to cut back and haven’t yet) in our backyard.  One of the swarms had moved on before our local bee keeper could get to it.  Luckily they were able to get to the second backyard swarm and safely cart it away.  With this being the second year we’ve had swarms, I think a hive or two may be in my future.  I’m not sure if  I should take on another new hobby though. I will be doing a a lot of research before I decide.  Hmmmmm…    I really like bees. I liked the sound of  the hive buzzing happily away.


I think I’m hooked.

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