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Ok, so nothing really productive happened today, but it is my anniversary and the Hubs and I will be going out for dinner tonight with my sister and her husband.  The Grams (my mom) has the kids for tonight, and I’m  starting to relax just thinking about it. Not really, I’m clenching my teeth I’m so excited!  No kids and grown up dinner with another couple???  How did that happen again? I’m turning cartwheels!

“Married on St. Patricks day?”, you may ask.  There is a reason. The Hubs and I met on St. Patricks about twelve or so years ago. An acquaintance brought him to the local dive bar where everyone was meeting up for a glorious night of debauchery. He was quiet and had dyed his hair bright green for the occasion (“Green hair?!!?”. I KNOW!!!).  At first, not really knowing anyone in our group He didn’t seem to have much to say.  I thought, “Cute but boring. But that green hair… I likey!”  I told you it was the 90’s right? Off to another bar where He bought me my first shot of Irish whiskey (BLEECH, whiskey is NOT my friend).  A hop skip and a jump to another bar where my friends who play bagpipes and Scottish drums were live on the patio most of the night.  Then he ripped his pants from ankle to almost crotch jumping over a short fence and the rest is history.

It had to be the green hair and the ripped pants that did it.  Ahhhh, the 90’s.

I’ll have to report back after dinner about tonight, if I’m still able to type by then…


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